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People from US normally acquire their medical insurance through their employer. An employer /company signs up for a particular health insurance plan, offers the plan to its employee and allows the employee to decide whether he/she wants to sign up. (Most employees do sign up and its often one of the firs

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  • This business seems to be no more than data entry and that the software makes the business work. And clients just waiting for someone to process their electronic claims..


    Medical Coding is the process of converting verbal diagnosis and procedures to a standardized Universal numerical code. The details of the Medical diagnosis and procedures...


    The Medical Billing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the market. In the Global market the Medical billing has shown a tremendous upsweep in the last few years...


People from US normally acquire their medical insurance through their employer. An employer /company signs up for a particular health insurance plan..





Medical billing jobs, one of the fastest growing segments in the job industry. They are also one of the legitimate home based jobs available in the job market. Medical billing is a part of the Health care industry and often the job listings are posted as the ‘opportunity to be a part of the health care industry’. As a result of the growing competition in this domain of the job market medical billing employers prefer certified medical billing professionals for their medical billing job openings. The certified medical billing specialists are in great demand as the medical billing employers or the medical billing companies hire them in order to save the expenses of employee training or on job training.



The abundance of medical billing jobs has grown far out of bounds as there are fewer professionals to handle all the requirements generated. The medical biller jobs are the same with every requirement but the difference is with the area they are put to work. Some medical billing jobs may associate with the general physician, some may be with the psychiatrists and some may be with the neurosurgeons. The division of the list may go on as the requirement is generated from every branch of the healthcare industry. The job involves in the understanding of the medical terminology, anatomy, and filling in the form. Medical billing has proved to be a boon in the US job market as they have helped majority of the unemployed professionals. The medical billing jobs have also proved beneficial to young professionals looking to change their career or profession.





The job titles may vary from every medical billing employer to medical billing company. They are often represented by the following names:


  • Billing specialist
  • Patient account representative
  • Electronic claims processor
  • Billing coordinator
  • Coding specialist
  • Claims analyst
  • Reimbursement Specialist
  • Claims assistant professional



 Even though the job title may vary the Job title may vary with the company the role and the procedure of work remains the same with every Medical billing jobs. According to recent statistical survey on the medical billing job earnings an individual’s hourly rate for every Medical billing is about 12$ to 16$.
This is considered as one of the best paying jobs in the US job market as the medical billers with a golden hand are hard to find.


To whom a medical biller and coder will be working for?